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What are the main types of Construction Insurance?

The first type covers damage to property, such as building works, plant and equipment, other premises or a business, such as a contractor's all risks policy, a latent defects policy, and a policy to cover loss of rent or profit.

What are the most common problems with Insurance policies?

Failing to disclose all of the relevant facts when taking out a policy and failure to notify your insurance company of a potential claim are common problems. Anyone taking out an insurance policy needs to carefully consider the policy wording and be sure that it is adequate for purpose.

If I employ a sub contractor who dictates what insurances he must have?

If you engage any sub contractor then it is your responsibility to make sure the correct insurances are in place. Whether you directly engage a 'Labour only' sub contrcator or appoint a 'Bona Fide' subcontractor, the ultimate contract is between yourself and your customer (the Employer) and therefore the ultimate liability rests with you.

What insurances are, if any, mandatory?

Employers Liability and Motor Third Party Liability are the only compulsory insurances required by law. Public liability is a voluntary insurance however it is essential for contractors and the Employer will commonly ask for evidence that this insurance is in place before any works are undertaken.

At what stage should the insurances be checked? At order or at payment time?

The insurance should be thoroughly checked before the start of any contract. If the activities of a business change then the insurance should be amended to meet these changes.

Are there different insurance rules for different types of subbies, companies, individuals, partnerships etc?

Limited Companies, Individuals and Partnerships are all legal entities in their own right and the same ules apply throughout.

As far as insurance is concerned, there are essentially two different types of sub contractor.

A 'labour only' sub contractor - is an individual / group of individuals who are engaged directly by yourself, you control their work an in effect act as their employer. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have the relevant insurance conver in place (Employers Liability).

A 'Bona Fide' sub contractor - these are completely separate companies or businesses that you bring in to carry out specialist works on your behalf. These businesses control their own work and should have there own separate insurance policies in force. However, it is still your responsibilty to check these to ensure they provide equivalent cover to your own policies as the contract is still between yourself and your customer and you could be ultimately liable if the sub contractors insurances were to fail.

If I use a sub contractor without insurance is this illegal? Who polices this?

As far as 'Bona Fide' sub contractors are concerned, this is not illegal and will not be policed by anyone expect yourself. If you appoint a 'Bona Fide' sub contractor and they are trading without the relevant insurance in place they could be prosecutred, and in the event of a claim you may end up picking up the legal liability.

All your 'Labour only' sub contractors are considered employees for the purpose of Employers Liability insurance and would be covered under a standard Employers Liability policy. This cover is compulsory and you could be prosecuted for not having a suitable policy in force.

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