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Plant Insurance

Short-Term Hired-in Plant Insurance

Car & Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Annual Owned & Hired-in Plant Insurance

2 Years 'New for Old' cover available

NO EXCESS in the event of Theft *

Up to 45% Security Discount

* Provided machine fitted with security devices

Plant Insurance is what we do! We've been arranging Plant Insurance for almost 30 years so we know our Kubota from our Komatsu and CAT from our Case. What this means for you is that we understand the Plant and what it does and make sure you get the right Insurance deal. We offer 2 years New for Old cover as standard too.

Plant Security is still a big issue for the Construction industry and we make sure that you get the benefits of the security devices fitted to your machines with up to 45% Insurance discount available. We can also give you advice on plant security to protect your business assets.

If your Plant is fitted with approved security devices and still gets stolen, there's no excess to pay. That's another way where we reward people who invest in well protected plant.

If you are hiring in PLant, you need Hired In Plant Insurance. Our policies cover the plant on an 'all risks' basis but also protect you against the CPA / SPOA conditions of hire that the industry uses so things like continuing hire charges that you could be liable for in the event of a loss are all covered.

The chances are that if you are using Plant and Equipment, you need other Construction Insurance too. These are just some of the other Insurances we arrange to make sure you've got tailored insurance protection for your business :-

  • Employers' Liability Insurance

    You need this if you have any employees - even if they are temporary.
  • Public Liability Insurance

    Covers you against injury or accidental death of members of the public or damage to third party property.
  • Management Liability Insurance

    Covers Directors' & Officers' against any wrongful acts and also gives Free HR law advice and Free Business Law advice.
  • Commercial Motor or Motor Fleet

    Covers your vehciles.
  • Professional Indemnity

    Cover you against a professional error omission or neglect.
  • Material Damage

    Covers buildings and stock.
  • Business Interruption

    Helps protect your profits and helps get your business back on it's feet after an insurance loss.

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