Liability Insurance

Plant Insurance

Short-Term Hired-in Plant Insurance

Car & Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Liability Insurance

Employers’ & Public Liability insurance tailored to the construction industry developed by JCB Insurance to work as hard as you do. Exclusive benefits could include Free Cover for temporary employees, Free Cover for bona fide subcontractors and dig depth limits of up to 8 metres.

Own & Hired In Plant Insurance

Insurance to cover Owned Plant and Plant Hired In. We really know our Plant and have exclusive policies to offering genuine benefits including Road Risks cover, Nil Theft Excess and 2 years ‘New for Old’ cover are available in some cases.

Short Term Hired In Plant

Short term Hired-In plant cover for up to 30 days – immediate cover when it’s needed – buy on line.

Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet insurance at very competitive cost. Whether you operate 5 vehicles or 500, our team are experts in arranging flexible insurance to suit your needs.